We understand that you will have questions and in this section we answer the most common ones. Please read through this section and if your questions isn’t answered here we will be happy to answer it for you.

Why use an agency?

MSC Eurocare is Ireland’s leading cross border specialist agency. It aims to remove as much stress as possible for the patient in using the system. It does this at no cost to the patient, and sources the consultants and treatments appropriate to patients. 

It also deals with:

Identifying appropriate accredited hospital and surgeon/physician
organising travel and accommodation
Helping with GP referral letters

Organising swabs in advance of travel in case of MRSA infection

Helping to organise X Rays, MRI scans, ECGs, blood & other tests

 Form filling
Helping patients fill out the appropriate forms to ensure timely reimbursement by the HSE upon discharge.

Helping patients access aftercare such asphysiotherapy  


How does this work?

Very simply, the directive says that you have the right to receive medical treatment in any other EU country and skip the waiting lists. In doing so, your home country health authority must pay for your treatment. In the Irish context, the HSE will refund the cost of your treatment up to the comparable cost for the same treatment in Ireland. As the cost of healthcare in Ireland is so high, this means that with our partner hospitals the full cost of your treatment should be refunded.

What is the cost to me?

While we do not charge you a fee for this service, there are still costs involved for you. Initially you will need to pay the hospital for your treatment, this is refunded to you within 28 days of your application to the HSE.  You will also need to pay for your travel costs, any accommodation costs and other incidentals while you are away.

What does this scheme cover?

With the exception of organ transplants, the scheme covers just about every elective procedure. There are a few more complex procedures that may require HSE approval prior travel but we can help you with that.

Who is eligible?

You do NOT need to be on a waiting list to become eligible for this scheme, it is open to any citizen.

Is this covered by private health insurance?

No, it is not. This is a public health scheme and private health insurance is not applicable.

Is this the same as the E111 or the Treatment Abroad Scheme?

No, this is different. The directive is about those people that need planned elective procedures such as joint replacement or cataract procedures etc.

Do I need to be on a waiting list?

No you do not, it is open to any person that would be entitled to treatment in an Irish hospital.

How will I know what the costs for my treatment would be in an Irish hospital?

We will liaise with the HSE on your behalf so there will be no surprises.

Why have I not heard about this before?

There has been very little publicity around the availability of this scheme. Even your GP is unlikely to have heard about it before now.

How can I find out more?

You can give us a call on 0818- 919321 or email us with your details to [email protected] and we will call you.