Cross Border Directive

In Ireland as we know it today, getting surgical treatment is an arduous task. Waiting lists are out of control, with some people waiting up to 5 years for a surgical intervention. However, there is hope.

In February 2015 the EU created a directive called the Cross Border Directive on Healthcare that would allow any citizen of an EU country to travel to another EU country for treatment and their home government would have to issue a refund for the cost of the treatment within 28 days.

This has not been widely publicised by the HSE in Ireland. MSC Eurocare was created to help people find a consultant and a hospital that will treat them, to guide them through the process and to see people get back on their feet in a fraction of the time that the Irish system will do it.

MSC Eurocare match the patient to the correct consultant.

All of our partner hospitals have been vetted and approved by Irish Doctors.